Wrapping Up and Getting Prepped

The Church of St. Stephen was such a terrific host for our performance of Convert Augustine on Saturday. Thanks to all of you who came out to be part of the DVD. I hope you in the audience felt the spirit moving as we did on stage. Corey Kaup bent over backwards to get an amazing sound in a very difficult space with quite a unique band. We had a last minute sub, Jacob Teichroew on reeds, who knocked it out of the park. What a blessing to have access to such professionals on short notice. Feel better, Javier! Your school and the rest of New York need you back soon.

Next steps: Monsignor Walter and I will be getting together for an interview, and then he, Corey, and I will be editing the DVD sonically and visually. We have shots from 4 cameras, to choose from and Monsignor Walter said the video recordings looked great.

In the meantime, the chorale I conduct is getting ready for our summer concert on July 28th. For amateur singers, I am really pushing them, but they are taking it and making it work. We even have a guest guitarist whom I have invited to join our professional band on a few of the jazz tunes.

Stay tuned!

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