Where I’ve been


“I quickly learned that Sarah was also adept as an audio engineer, composing, transcribing music… She is an extraordinary talent.” —Mike Mainieri, Vibraphonist, Arranger and Producer

  • I began transcribing music for fun when I was just a child. Now I do it easily and quickly by ear, occasionally checking my work on piano.
  • I was originally trained in the craft of hand-copying manuscript but followed the trends through engraving software. Now I’m occasionally called up for Sibelius tutorials.
  • I have a background in music theory and as a composer, so I have good intuition when listening to recordings as to what was a passing mistake and what was deliberate (but I always check with the client first)!
  • With experience in copying my own and others’ music, I have a strong grasp of the specific way musicians prefer their music to be laid out on the page.
  • I have worked as a transcriptionist and copyist for various publishers, musicians, bands, and actors (i.e. Spotlight on Music, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill; Mike Mainieri Songbook series; Warren Bernhardt).


With listed influences ranging from Brahms to Dream Theatre, you expect something pretty quirky, and GromKo. delivers, with a mix of jazz and folk pop. I loved the vocals, and the great accompaniment.” —consensus.com

  • I have been arranging for musicians since 1994 (i.e. Adrianne Gonzalez from The RescuesWynton MarsalisSixplayRavenna Michalsen).
  • I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a film scoring degree and understand the ranges, timbres, and limitations of specific instruments.

Online Marketing

“Sarah has been working for my jazz and pop label, NYC Records, since 2008…[She] explored creative promotional concepts to expand our label fan base…I recommend her talents highly.” —Mike Mainieri, President of NYC Records

  • I worked as Head of Marketing and Promotions for NYC Records Inc., an independent jazz record label.
  • I have Berklee education in new-marketing techniques and Topspin media.


“Sarah is highly creative, with the ability to think outside the box, while paying meticulous attention to detail—attributes that rarely coexist in a person. She would be invaluable to any individual or company seeking a highly skilled and intelligent musician to work with.”  —Tracy Shields, Brooklyn Catholic Young Adults

  • I have worked closely with Mike Mainieri to extend his 5-decade career into 6 and more.
  • I have worked in various fields of the music business since 1999, including film post-production, performance, publishing, and advertising/distribution.


“Sarah has reinvented our group by challenging us to stretch our abilities rather than keep us in our ‘comfort zone.’ We learn something new at each rehearsal and she keeps it fun. She is patient but demands the best from us all, and makes the best use of our limited rehearsal time.”  —choir member, MMC Chorale

  • I have sung professionally since 1993 and have been a bandleader/conductor since 1998.
  • I was trained classically, moved to Broadway, and currently focus on contemporary and jazz genres.
  • In vocal coaching, I use the same basic breathing and vocal techniques for all styles, and let the feels of the genres branch into different territory.

Sound/Music Editing and Design

“Sarah assisted on a film project I worked on when I was still new to digital editing. She was able to interface with both the sound and picture departments – a rarity in the digital world. She handled the workload and its inherent problems with efficiency, and patience – always with a good-nature and a sense of humor – a priceless value under stressful situations!” —Esther Regalsen, Senior Sound Editor Cappy Productions

  • I began my career by editing audio for books in 1999 (i.e. Molly Ivins‘s National Bestseller Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush)
  • I then went on to work in sound and music editing on major feature films and documentaries (i.e. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingThe Shipping NewsBud Greenspan‘s Stories of Honor and Glory).
  • I also have done sound design for theater in New York (i.e. New York Innovative Theatre Awardwinner Burning the Old ManOff-Off Broadway Review awards winner Suburbia, and was resident sound designer for Nicu’s Spoon Theater Company.
  • I have recorded and edited music for legendary performers, producers, and composers (i.e. Mike MainieriMauranePeter ErskineDee Carstensen, composer John Frizzell for Shelter)
  • I majored in film scoring at Berklee College of Music.