Vespucciland and Exciting News for Musicians

Square_VL2In November, I will have some really great news to share. I know for a fact a few New Orleans musicians will be pretty darn happy when they hear.

I often forget about my music biz work for other musicians soon after I provide it, but apparently they don’t! I’m excited to now be working for Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Evan Christopher, and a soon TBA Musicians’ Advocate.

I also just posted some music news on my musician website.

Many of you don’t know, I have been working for a few years with the author/blogger, Jacob Mendelsohn. His blog, Vespucciland, which consists of left-wing New York musings are not for everyone, but knowing how lovely this man is in real life eases the sting of some of his sharp wit. He also posts on Facebook, for those of you who don’t use RSS.

**Click at your own risk. The content and viewpoints of Vespucciland are not those of GromKo. Music or any of its subsidiaries.