Stop Online Piracy Act, My Opinion (Part 1)

Since a sudden boycott on the Internet has brought H.R.3261 to the attention of the mainstream eye, I feel the need, as a professional in this field, to give my opinion. I will need a little time to formulate a concise rebuttal of all the misinterpretations of the bill circulating. In the meantime, I am linking to the bill in its entirety here.

I would beg each of you to read it and to consider the following before signing anything, writing letters, or speaking out against the bill:

1.) Have you read it in its entirety? Some Fundamental Christians sometimes quote the Bible out of context to defend immoral behavior. Although this is not the Bible, in order to believe any interpretation of passages taken out of context from the bill is a comparable offense.

2.) Do you find it at all fishy that there are only two or three posts against this bill being circulated?

3.) Lobbyists work by twisting the truth and manipulating people by presenting themselves as trustworthy. “But,” you may say, “lobbyists are supported by big money.” Google may speak your language, but that doesn’t mean it’s a small business.

Allow me to join the company of those against whom I am speaking by leaving you with this passage (out of context) from Section 2: a. 1. of the bill:

“FIRST AMENDMENT- Nothing in this Act shall be construed to impose a prior restraint on free speech or the press protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.”

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