New Orleans Bound

It’s official. GromKo. is moving operations to New Orleans. The plan is to be fully up and running by The New Orleans Film Festival.

I went to high school on the Gulf Coast and always cite that area as my favorite place I lived growing up. It will be nice to finally answer the siren call after over a decade of New York intensity. I’m now recruiting clients and welcome any advice from NOLA natives or people who know the scene. I must admit, I am floored by the response of those I have contacted down there already, both in hospitality and advice.

Forgive the drivel, but I cannot leave New York without shouting out to some really important people in my career: James Oliverio, Mark Pachucki, and Wynton Marsalis with Jazz at Lincoln Center;¬†Paul Soucek, Eliza Paley, and Dan Korintus at Planet 10; Rick Kaller at McGraw-Hill; Ajae Clearway, Esther Regalson, Suzana Peric, and Nancy Allen; Jess Dolinger; Monsignor Walter and Deirdre Broderick at St. Stephen’s; and on and on. They may not know it, but the opportunities¬†they gave me changed my life for the better. I might have lost touch with many of them, but I am forever indebted. Mike Mainieri has been an irreplaceable mentor whom I will miss intensely, although we will still be working together from afar.

New York is also where I discovered the true gift of the Catholic Church, and look forward to the strong Catholic heritage in New Orleans. Sister Helene, Father Greg, and Father Klein repaired my misconceptions about the Church, and I hope I can live up to what I’ve promised by continuing to find opportunities to serve as soon as I arrive down south.

While I am leaving many friends and memories, life is full of exciting changes for all of us, eliminating any room for sadness. I love you New York. You’ve been a long and eventful chapter.

Drop me a line if you’re NOLA local. Let’s get together and drench ourselves in great music and humidity!

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