Music Services

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I take your recorded music and write it in notation form. I can also take handwritten music and make it look professional. Do you have a song that’s not in a comfortable range to sing? Let me transcribe, transpose, and engrave it for you. This is especially good for last-minute gigs with new musicians.


I write arrangements for voice, strings, brass, woodwinds, rhythm section, or other non-traditional line-ups. I can also take a piece of music you’re just not satisfied with and help you organize it. This is especially important for studio sessions.


I work with singers and bands to perfect their sound. I work with musicians who need singing tips and non-musicians who like to sing and want to get better at it. I also lead group classes for beginners and group sessions for professional bands who need to work on their vocal harmonies.

Session Vocalist

As a sight reader with controlled colors and a wide, diverse vocal range, I am available for vocal sessions for commercials, films. television, and albums as a background or lead vocalist. I am also well-versed in writing vocal arrangements which may complement your recording.

Sound/Music Editing and Design

I put together sound effects and music for theatrical performances and live events. I edit dialogue, ADR, sound effects, foley, and music to fit your film or music video (as well as creating cue sheets, composition maps, and outlines for composers). I also design sound for theater. My compositions are also commissioned for special projects.