“Convert Augustine” Live

I am thrilled to announce that St. Stephen’s has graciously invited me to be a part of their concert series. For those of you who don’t know, “Convert Augustine” is the story of my spiritual conversion to Catholicism, set to music. I have yearned to perform the story in a church setting since its inception, and I am floored to be given such an incredible space to let the music breathe as it was originally intended.

The concert will be performed by me on lead vocals, Jarrett Cherner on keys, Dan Asher on bass, Gabe Gloege on drums, Javier Arau on reeds, and a vocal group consisting of Sarah Corman, Anna Ulrich, Jane McIntosh, and Rex Eclipse.

The concert at 8pm on June 4th at The Church of St. Stephen’s, 151 East 28th Street in Manhattan will also become part of a video ministry that Father Walter leads, including an interview and the concert in its entirety.

Many thanks to Father Walter and Musical Director Deirdre Broderick for putting this together.

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