“I quickly learned that Sarah was also adept as an audio engineer, composing, transcribing music… She is an extraordinary talent and highly motivated employee, and I recommend her talents highly.”

—Mike Mainieri, Vibraphonist, Arranger and Producer

Your situation:

  • You want to perform a song, but don’t have time to transcribe it, or you can’t find the sheet music.
  • You have an audition, and you need a song written in your key.
  • You have a new band member or sub who needs charts to follow along on a last-minute gig.
  • You have performed/recorded a song in several ways and want documentation of the final version(s).
  • You are an educator who needs some music written-out.

Why me:

  • I offer a strong background as a transcriptionist and copyist, with experience working for a variety of publishers, musicians, bands, and actors. (i.e. Spotlight on Music, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill; Mike Mainieri Songbook series; Warren Bernhardt).
  • I began transcribing music for fun when I was just a child. Now I do it easily and quickly by ear, occasionally checking my work on piano.
  • I originally trained in the craft of hand-copying manuscript and naturally followed the trends through engraving software.
  • I have a background in music theory and as a composer, so I have good intuition when listening to recordings as to what was a passing mistake and what was deliberate (but I will always check with you first)!
  • With 15 years of experience copying my own and others’ music, I know the specific way musicians prefer their music to be laid out on the page.
  • A few years ago, I found that the singers I work with could benefit from audio recordings with their parts. Since voices don’t just have keys you can see and press when reading music like manufactured instruments do, you have only your ears to rely on. I create your vocal part on the right channel and the accompaniment on the left. Then you can read along with the music and hear your part, with the option of panning the sound to one side or the other based on how well you know the song.
  • I also offer Sibelius tutorials, if you’d like to learn how to do it yourself.