Sound/Music Editing and Design

“Sarah assisted on a film project I worked on when I was still new to digital editing. She was able to interface with both the sound and picture departments – a rarity in the digital world. She handled the workload and its inherent problems with efficiency, and patience – always with a good-nature and a sense of humor – a priceless value under stressful situations!”

—Esther Regalsen, Senior Sound Editor Cappy Productions

Your situation:

  • You are a composer who needs a music editor (someone to create cue sheets with the hits, cuts, and timings; layout the score with proper cue notations; someone to conform the music for each cut; etc.)
  • You have music, but aren’t sure how to make it fit with the visuals smoothly.
  • You are creating a commercial, short film, video, or feature film and need someone to edit together all the audio stems.
  • You need someone to find, license, and report music usage for your film/commercial.
  • You have a live show with several acts and you want mood music to fill the down-time.
  • You are running an event that needs background music, but for whatever reason a live band won’t work.

Why me:

  • I began my career by editing audio for books in 1999 (i.e. Molly Ivins‘s National Bestseller Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush)
  • I then went on to work in sound and music editing on major feature films and documentaries (i.e. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, The Shipping News, Bud Greenspan‘s Stories of Honor and Glory).
  • I also have done sound design for theater in New York (i.e. New York Innovative Theatre Award winner Burning the Old Man; Off-Off Broadway Review awards winner Suburbia, and was resident sound designer for Nicu’s Spoon Theater Company.
  • I have recorded and edited music for legendary performers, producers, and composers (i.e. Mike Mainieri, Maurane, Peter Erskine, Dee Carstensen, composer John Frizzell for Shelter)
  • I own my own studio and professional editing equipment.
  • I majored in film scoring at Berklee College of Music.