“Sarah has reinvented our group by challenging us to stretch our abilities rather than keep us in our ‘comfort zone.’ We learn something new at each rehearsal and she keeps it fun. She is patient but demands the best from us all, and makes the best use of our limited rehearsal time.”

—Michael Economos, Singer, Actor and Member of MMC Chorale

Your situation:

  • You are part of a band that needs a reliable, outside musical opinion with concrete ideas on how to improve.
  • You are a musician who wants to work on your voice.
  • You aren’t a singer, but you love to sing and want more confidence at it.
  • You are a singer who needs a coach.
  • You are a non-singer who wants to sing in a group of like-minded individuals.
  • You are part of a band that needs to perfect (or come up with) some vocal harmonies.

Why me:

  • In vocal coaching, I use the same basic breathing and vocal techniques for all styles, and let the feels of the genres branch into different territory.
  • My innovative techniques as choir director and vocal coach cater to each singer’s personality to acquire the most positive result.
  • As a bandleader, I emphasize the group dynamic as the key to an engaging musical performance.
  • I use unique vernaculars and techniques for instrumentalists, singers, and non-musicians.
  • Even if you gig regularly, it’s important to occasionally have a critical outside ear/eye. I can come in to one rehearsal and give critical tips to give your performance that extra edge.
  • I am a professional singer who began her singing career in 1993 and has been a bandleader/conductor since 1998.
  • I trained classically, moved to Broadway, and currently focus on contemporary and jazz genres.